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"The Ultimate Aim of Karate lies neither in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of it's participants."
- Gichin Funakoshi

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Posted By :    Laura Tupman
Posted :    1/13/2010
Posted By :    Sensei Kurt  (
Posted :    1/10/2010
Comments :    TMMAA launched the The Dojo Pro Shop which is the official Online Martial Arts Outlet of the Master's Martial Arts Academy and affiliate Martial Arts academy's of TMMAA and it satellite dojo's. TMMAA solve the ordering and inventory problem many dojo's have - simply have students order on-line and they save money and hassles. We Never run out of gear for our students! We use the Reliable UPS delivery service to transport equipment and supplies to our students door in days. Most importantly... No more siting on inventory for months on end! We wanted a Secure ordering, Easy and hassle-free for our students... the the DOJOPROSHOP was born! The Dojo Proshop is committed to providing top-quality martial arts supplies to each and every dojo and student at the best possible prices (most items only 1% - 10% over wholesale). We saw that change was inevitable, the Dojo Pro Shop is part of the change in supping dojo's with high-quality CENTURY Martial Arts supplies & training equipment at special reduced prices. A.K.A
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